Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures Official Announcement!


It’s nice to see “The Six Million Dollar Man” get some attention through merchandise again. Bif Bang Pow! started the resurgence last year with a line of Mego-style retro action figures and other merchandise such as glasses, coffee mugs and water bottles.

This year, Zica has announced a 3 and 3/4″ line of action figures based on Steve Austin and his friends and enemies. Starting the line are Steve and the Bionic Bigfoot. I can’t think of a better Wave 1 for this franchise.

Compare this logo with the original Six Million Dollar Man merchandise logo. The new one has a more modern/photo look to it.


The official announcement from Zica Toys follows:

“New from ZICA Toys, The Six Million Dollar Man retro style action figures! Get ready to travel back to 1974 and relive the adventures of the world’s first bionic man. Sculpted in 3.75” scale, these harken back to the heyday of action figures, when the designs were simple and the fun factor was off the charts!

Assortment 1 includes Colonel Steve Austin (red track suit) and Bionic Bigfoot. ZICA Toys has big plans for this line and is hopeful that vehicles and playsets will eventually be available. Variants and exclusives are also planned but rest assured that everyone will have a fair opportunity to get them. Preorders are expected to begin soon so keep checking your favorite online retailer for more info.”



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