Crazy Calls


This should bring all of us zooming back to the 80s, the commercials for these things seemed to be on 24/7 in the late 80s. This was a time before cellphones as we know them today, a time when answering machines were separate from phones & relatively new to most people. Suddenly everyone was getting answering machines, and one company decided to cash in on the phenomenon. I remember wanting to get it for our answering machine, but also wondering how it could “work with all answering machines”, when many (most?) machines used micro-cassettes, and many (most?) had a single tape for both the outgoing message and the incoming messages. The answer of course is that you play it back on a tape-deck & record it onto your machine.

Here’s the commercial, for a good blast of nostalgia:

…And someone was kind enough to make a video of the full tape, so that those of us who missed out can hear all the messages & the recording instructions:

I managed to find a bunch of the messages in mp3 format & am planning to use them on my current answering machine. I will most likely use one of the Xmas ones, for an extra dose of craziness. I wonder how many people will hang up and call right back, out of sheer confusion.


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