Crazy Calls

Crazy Calls


This should bring all of us zooming back to the 80s, the commercials for these things seemed to be on 24/7 in the late 80s. This was a time before cellphones as we know them today, a time when answering machines were separate from phones & relatively new to most people. Suddenly everyone was getting answering machines, and one company decided to cash in on the phenomenon. I remember wanting to get it for our answering machine, but also wondering how it could “work with all answering machines”, when many (most?) machines used micro-cassettes, and many (most?) had a single tape for both the outgoing message and the incoming messages. The answer of course is that you play it back on a tape-deck & record it onto your machine.

Here’s the commercial, for a good blast of nostalgia:

…And someone was kind enough to make a video of the full tape, so that those of us who missed out can hear all the messages & the recording instructions:

I managed to find a bunch of the messages in mp3 format & am planning to use them on my current answering machine. I will most likely use one of the Xmas ones, for an extra dose of craziness. I wonder how many people will hang up and call right back, out of sheer confusion.


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  1. LOL this brings me back! I too wanted this, but alas, my had no say over the family answering machine. Yeah, ours did you microcassette.

  2. Unfortunately my plans to use these fell through. It turns out that my current phone/machine doesn’t allow me to set custom messages, what a ripoff & a disappointment. :(

  3. I am so tempted to put “The Rap” message on my machine right now, but I use my home phone for work… augh! My parents had some weird answering machine tape they used for years. It was supposed to be a Marilyn Monroe (I think?) voice that was all sultry. Callers who got the message thought it was my mom, and that was a little uncomfortable.

  4. has all(?) of the various messages for play online. While you can’t officially download them from there (at least not for free), you can get them either by using a grabber before playing the message you want, or by using firefox+adblock after playing it. I used the adblock method myself, just play the message/s you want, then open adblock’s “bloackable items” window and look for .mp3 files.

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