DEVO Lego Custom Minifig

This little guys was put together by, Raggletag. According to, Raggletag:

This is my tribute to one of my all-time favorite bands… DEVO! This is my custom Lego version of lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh in the classic Devo radiation suit with red “energy dome”. I started out with a standard yellow Lego man, used a black marker to color the feet and beltline, and the hat was made from 3 clothing buttons of different sizes, which I glued together and painted red. Technically the Devo hat has FOUR tiers to it, but I couldn’t find a button any smaller, and adding an extra level might’ve messed up the whole aesthetic.

Oh, and the whip was made from a small length of string, with electrical tape wrapped at the end for the handle. A nice low-budget and low-maintenance custom. “Are we not men? We are Devo!!


[via] Raggletag


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