At Only 50 Pounds You Can’t Afford not to Haul Around your IBM 5100


I am typing this post with a computer on my lap. A perfect illustration of how far we have come in such a short time. Computers like the 5100 were the trailblazers for portable computing. It seems so jokey now, but I remember going into the high-tech offices of AT&T as a kid and being shown gigantic computers that did miraculous things. The idea that one of those machines could be mobile in some way was mind-blowing.


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2 thoughts on “At Only 50 Pounds You Can’t Afford not to Haul Around your IBM 5100

  1. Ah geez, now I have to add this to my collection.

    Oh yes, we have come a long way. Wonder if anyone considered putting this on their lap…

    Also wonder if you could attach an external monitor.

  2. Max Power says:

    Good thing airlines didn’t have baggage fees back then.
    BTW – that machine was basically an IBM mainframe in a suitcase.

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