What is a Pocket Sized Tape Recorder Good For?

Why would you want a tape recorder like this? To spy on your older siblings of course! I went through a phase where I thought I was a junior spy and would secretly record my family and then play it back for them. It annoyed everyone involved. I think if I had a voice activated recorder they probably would have thrown me out of the house.


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5 thoughts on “What is a Pocket Sized Tape Recorder Good For?

  1. While not voice activated, I still own a couple of those mini recorders. I think I bought one for college and one for when I was running my own magazine and interviewing people. I have no use for them today. I tried giving them to my daughter to play with and she said, “why would I want that? I record you all the time with my iPod.” She’s seven.

  2. I had the voice activated one. It was not great for spying because the red light would turn on when the recorder started – so, you better not have it where it was noticeable. Even under a couch or pillow, it was easy to spot. I suppose I could have put tape over it, but I wasn’t that clever.

    BTW, Rob – kids are hilarious like that. All the old stuff to them seems REALLY old and useless.

  3. Bought a really nice Sony minirecorder for college as well- the plan being able to record lectures to go back to later.
    That was the plan.
    Ended up just recording myself everytime I belched.
    I have a 30 minute minitape of me burping and belching over two semesters.
    Never recorded a single lecture.

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