Dear Atari Anonymous…


If Atari Anonymous had really existed, I am sure my Mother would have written several letters. The kid at the start, who is playing Missile Command, does a robot voice. I used to do something very similar when I gamed (I think I still might).


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2 thoughts on “Dear Atari Anonymous…

  1. I was going to comment on that kid’s robot voice until the very end of the commercial and now all I can think about is, were those real dog feet on an animated joystick, or were those fake dog feet being controlled? Either way that joystick had to be nailed down to the floor. Huh.

  2. I’ve rewatched it 4x now and while the dog paw looks convincingly real, it can’t be … the dog is so still. I mean, for how vigorously it is moving the joystick, you’d think the rest of its body would move?

    This commercial is awesome. I think I’d much rather be a part of this AA then the other one.

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