Lego Meets Alien By Carlos Valero!

Images courtesy of AL13N163NA's deviantART page.

Images courtesy of AL13N163NA’s deviantART page.

We’ve seen awesome Lego constructs from fans of Tron, Blade Runner, and Star Wars…but these amazing images from Carlos Valero or AL13N163NA as he is known on his deviantART page is the first time I’ve seen an Alien based Lego design! Now I want to see more Alien Lego!
Alien Facehugger B - Carlos Valero - deviantART
Make sure to follow Carlo’s link above to see even more fantastic Lego constructions from films such as Oblivion to Tron: Legacy.


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2 thoughts on “Lego Meets Alien By Carlos Valero!

  1. Hey, we’ve got Lord of the Rings, DC and Marvel Superheroes, and the Lone Ranger LEGO sets…who knows what might be next? Predator? Hellraiser? ;)

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