The Incredible Hulk Colorforms TV Commercial (1978)

Images courtesy of Ratchet's Hulk Collection.

Images courtesy of Ratchet’s Hulk Collection.

We are all friends here so I know you will agree with me when I say that the Hulk is the second greatest comic book character, just a tad behind Batman naturally. In my youth one of my favorite Colorforms playset happened to be for the Marvel Superheroes, it featured Spider-Man, Captain America and the Hulk facing off against the likes of the Rhino, the Leader, the Abomination, and Doctor Doom.

After watching this TV commercial it looks like some of the colorform pieces from that set were re-issues from the 1978 Incredible Hulk playset.

[Via] Coloforms 60th Anniversary
The Incredible Hulk B - Colorforms - Ratchet's Hulk Collection

Thanks to Ratchet’s Hulk Collection for the photos you see above.


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11 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk Colorforms TV Commercial (1978)

  1. I totally had this set, and had no idea who any of the characters were besides the hulk. And I think at one point, I took scissors to all the figures so I could mix & match heads / torsos / etc.

  2. I had a Batman colorforms set that you pose the arms and feet, Patrick!

    Les Orchard, did the set make you go out and find out who the characters were by reading the comics?

  3. Alphacentaurian says:

    Slightly off-topic, but I find it interesting that Rhino is featured in this set. Rhino always seemed a Hulk or Thor level villain, yet he was one of Spidey’s key foes. It seems unfair that the ol’ Web head had to fight him. Spidey shouldn’t have to fight anyone tougher than Sandman or Scorpion!

  4. You are quite correct, Alpha. Rhino is most certainly a Spidey villain but I disagree that he shouldn’t face the Rhino, especially when being able to overcome the Sandman, who to me seems to be a greater threat. Remember the ol’ Web head defeated the Juggernaut in a pretty famous battle in Amazing Spider-Man #230! Spidey can hold his own. :)

  5. Because Rhino was always getting taken down by webhead, I was never able to take him very seriously. Although I do think he is visually a great villain with a solid back story.

    I think he would make a good villains to the Thing.

  6. Chris X says:

    I had a similar set, except the background playset was vertical instead of horizontal like this one, and had two levels – definitely had Hulk, Rhino, and some random POW! and BAM!s and explosions though, possibly the same characters as this set, just a different background? Mine would have been late ’70s or very early ’80s.

  7. I think you are correct, Retroist. Interested and perhaps just a little worried how he might look in the new Spider-Man movie coming out next year. Fingers crossed.

    Chris X, do you think you had the same Marvel Superheroes colorforms set that I did? Because mine was vertical and had three levels.

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