Saturday Frights: Night Gallery – “Cool Air/Camera Obscura” (1971)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish film and TV! Those howls you hear from the creatures of the night need be no cause for alarm, you are safe down here with us in the Retroist vault! Us? Yeah, that’s the one and only Doug McCoy behind the concession stand and you can see the esteemed Daniel XII manning the projector!

This week we have two wonderful stories and a short from the classic Night Gallery series that originally aired on December 8th, 1971. The first story features a teleplay from Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) based on the short story by the legendary H.P. Lovecraft. It stars Barbara Rush (When Worlds Collide, It Came From Outer Space) and Henry Darrow (Zorro, The High Chaparral) in a story concerning Cool Air.

The second episode entitled “Camera Obscura” features another teleplay by Rod Serling based on the short story by Basil Copper and stars the late great Ross Martin (The Wild Wild West, The Great Race) and Rene Auberjonois (Benson, Deep Space Nine). The story involves a hard-hearted financier who visits an elderly shopkeeper to collect on a loan…and perhaps gets his deserved comeuppance thanks to a device called the Camera Obscura.

The short is entitled “Quoth The Raven” and is a humorous look at what Edgar Allan Poe (Marty Allen) had to overcome to write his stories.


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