Time to Kool down with Kool Aid

Time to Kool down with Kool Aid


With the summer approaching it has me thinking of all the wonderful treats that remind me of those long days. In the summer all the neighborhood kids would gather up what little change we could and we would ride our bikes to the family owned corner store. It was a time when penny candy meant 1 penny, not like today when it really means 5 or 10 cents. So I would come home with a sack of Pal gum, liquorice, a roll of candy dots on paper and of course some swedish fish.

They also sold the small packets of Kool-Aid, the ones where you had to add sugar. Well, for an 8-year-old kid I thought that all Kool-Aid was made the same. I was sadly mistaken and to this day I will never forget that awful sour taste that was supposed to be cherry Kool-Aid. The other thing that I loved about Kool-Aid as well as the added sugar was the commercials. You never knew what that pitcher of Kool-Aid was going to be doing. The funny thing is, like all kid commercials nobody thought twice about talking with a pitcher of ice-cold Kool-Aid.

Check out this cool compilation of Kool-Aid commercials from the 1950’-90’s Even the Monkees show up to get in on the fun.


I grew up in western New York in the late 70's early-mid 80's playing with my Star Wars and Fisher Price adventure people. I have to say it was a good time.

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