Do you Remember Two Guys Department Stores?

The department store known as Two Guys got its start in Harrison, New Jersey. The discount chain, which was originally called Two Guys from Harrison founded by Sidney and Herbert Hubschman in 1946. They would acquire the Vornado appliance company in the late 1950s and start to spread out from New Jersey. Eventually they had over 100 locations, reaching as far south as Virginia and all the way in California. Sadly their profits began to decline in the 1970s and they would close their doors in 1982.

My parents were dedicated Two Guys shoppers. I recently found a box of receipts that my mother kept for all her major appliance purchases and the majority of them, right up until 1982, were from Two Guys. I have very vague recollections of the one we used to go to right before it closed. I think it was pretty shabby at that point, and their toy and video game section was nothing compared to what they had in the shiny bright and new K-Mart down the road.

Did your family shop at Two Guys? Where was it located? Do you have any memories about the store?


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