Do you know the name of this Mystery Arcade Game?

Do you know the name of this Mystery Arcade Game?


My mystery game is a martial arts action side-scroller. I think it is most similar to Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, Kicker, Taito’s “SamuraiNihon-Ichi” or “Kaiketsu Yanchamaru”.

The first level had a kung-fu type of character with a large head walking to the right, and soon you came across a tiger leaping in the air and down at you. There were some possibly green Asian steppes for the background. When I played the game it was in an upright arcade cabinet at a local movie theater, so I am not sure if it was available in any other format. This game could possibly already be on Mame, as I have rather old ROM sets. I can’t remember the title or the company….nothing.

I looked all over KLOV to no avail. I have been looking for this game for years, and never found it anywhere. I remember the intro with the steppes, and jumping tigers, but I can’t remember the name of the game. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

James Peyton

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  1. Only game I can think of with a large headed character is Kid Niki. Did he have a sword for a weapon?

  2. @Mizphit Kaiketsu Yanchamaru is Kid Niki, but that was a good call though (would have been my guess as well)…

  3. 1. Can’t be Karateka. That was for Commodore 64, Apple II and I think NES.

    2. Can’t be Altered Beast. Those were wolves that attacked, not a tiger. Plus, no oversized head.

  4. The descript definitely sounds like tiger road (which I never saw in arcades, but played a lot on my TG16).

  5. The mystery game as I remember it had a somewhat cartoony character with a slightly big head. He was a martial artist character and it was a side scroller. There were green rice steppes in the background near the beginning. There were orange bengal tigers that would jump up in the air and come down to attack you. I have only seen this upright arcade game once, meaning in only one place. Played it whenever I went to this small movie theatre that is now a church, some 20+ years later.

    It probably was closest to Samurai Nihon Ichi (1985) by Taito. It may have been a tai to game. This game has the tigers, but they are yellow and the game is different. All the games mentioned so far are not the one, Tiger Road is very different with tiny characters, and altered beast is totally off. That is a common, popular game everybody remembers, while this may have been a very rare game.

  6. Do you have any idea what year the game was made? …Or at least what year you first played it?

  7. It’s not Tiger Road or Kid Niki. The tigers thing was early in the beginning, but the game did look cartoony like kid nikki, maybe even more so with oversize heads. There were rice steppes, and as you went to the right, tigers would leap up in the air slowly and come down to attack you. I don’t remember weapons, but it was 1986. Seemed like it had a japanese name or something short on the marquee, can’t even remember the name. This movie house is the only place I’ve ever seen it, and haven’t seen it since around 1986. I don’t have the latest mame, but it wasn’t on the older mame roms that I have. Man, I wish I could find this game. Must have been rare.

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