Contribute your own toy story to Christopher Tupa’s upcoming, “Playing with Toys”

You might have noticed that Christopher Tupa’s art has been appearing here on the site on a regular basis. In addition to these great pop culture pieces, Christopher is also working on other projects including his upcoming “Playing with Toys”. Here is what Tupa is trying to put together”

What I want to do is collect the toy-playing stories and memories from our youth (and any youth actually). The stories we made up, the toys we made, what we thought and felt; both boys and girls.

I want to capture these memories and share them with each other and with the kids of today. I love hearing about how someone made a Gi Joe base out of pillows and a cardboard box; or how someone else imagined his closet was a black hole and the SilverHawks went on missions to rescue his California Raisins figures. I think it would be neat to have these stories and to read about other adventures kids were having while I was having mine; plus the creativity of children is so dang inspiring.

I want this to be pretty open; any toys, any time period, any gender, age, whatever

I plan to offer it on kindle and any other formats I can get it on (smashwords, etc?) I will have to learn how to do that but it shouldn’t be a problem. There is also the possibility of getting a printed version if the demand is there.

I plan to offer the book for free … or for $1 with all proceeds going to a children’s hospital.

Each story/memory will end with the author’s name and website/email (if they so choose)

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of send me your stories, however short or long

I’d like to have all the stories by the summer so I can get it all edited and formatted in time for Christmas.

No vulgarity or swearing.
If you know of anyone else who may be interested or any other toy forums to promote this on, then by all means feel free to or let me know and I will. The more stories, the better

If you have a story you would like to submit, please email it to



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