Intellivision’s Ray Kaestner on BurgerTime

Intellivision Burgertime
BurgerTime for the Intellivision is a darn good port of the classic arcade game…unlike the Atari 2600 port…shudder. Thanks to the Intellivision Prod channel we can watch Ray Kaestner, one of the Blue Sky Rangers talk about some of the history with the porting of the title to the home console!

For fun here is a video of the Intellivision port in action.

Then…there is the Atari 2600 port.


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3 thoughts on “Intellivision’s Ray Kaestner on BurgerTime

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Burgertime always gave us a sizzling good time, whenever we popped into our friend’s living room and gamed on his white console version of the Intellivision.

    The Blue Sky Rangers did a great job on this port – it wasn’t medium, it was Well-Done!

    And it’s funny to see that the gameplay videos have a full ten minutes of that wonderfully-produced Mattel version, and a mercifully briefer capture of the 2600 version.

    Some games were never meant to reach Atari VCS owners’ screens.
    Definitely undercooked.

  2. I agree with you 100%, Justin. It’s like I’ve said numerous times before…we need each and every programmer for classic arcade and home consoles to be put on film and let them tell their stories before it is too late.

    Atari, you are one of the greatest, my friend. The only thing I like better than fighting the MCP on the Grid with ya is to trade puns. :)

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