Voltron vs. Godzilla, who would win in a Fight?

I hope that one day mannycartoon finishes this sketch of Voltron facing off vs. Godzilla. The idea really captured my attention and I have been considering who would win all morning. I am not sure who is the “logical” choice in this one, so I am going to go with my guy and say Godzilla. Who do you think would win?



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3 thoughts on “Voltron vs. Godzilla, who would win in a Fight?

  1. Look, Voltron is nothing without that sword. If the sword isn’t present, Godzilla would detroy those fools piloting the lions. Even with the sword present, Godzilla may defeat Voltron from a distance with her lightning breathe or whatever that is.

    Let me throw this in: Iron Giant > Godzilla > Voltron


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