Remember Super Toe And The Super Jocks?

Super Toe
In my youth during Christmas at my Grandparents it wasn’t unusual for my Cousin and I to end up with the very same toys after everything was said and done, to avoid anyone feeling jealous I suppose. So if I opened up the giant wrapped present with my name on it and it turned out to be Castle Grayskull you could bet that the same-sized present with my Cousin’s name written on it would be a Castle Grayskull as well.

But there was the Christmas around 1978 that I opened up a present and found myself staring at Super Toe and my Cousin received a Super Touch and you could feel the tension in the room build up like a hurricane, my Grandparents were suddenly next to us and apologizing to my Cousin that he didn’t have a Super Toe, they had ordered a Super Toe for him as well but obviously something had gone wrong. This same thing happened a couple of years later when they had ordered the Spider-Man Atari 2600 game for me and what came instead was the Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match-Ups.

So you might imagine that there was a great gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair from my Cousin…of course not, we were kids, we each shared those awesome Super Jock toys. We did probably make our Grandparents regret buying Super Toe though as you could launch that plastic football quite high and far depending on how hard you slammed that helmet down…not to mention the glorious racket it made.

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Super Jock


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