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As fans of nostalgia, wouldn’t you like a podcast that discusses the history of gaming? Maybe delve into how various video games companies started, or who created the first coin-op video game, or get a better understanding of video game mascots? Me too. Wish there is a podcast like that… Actually, there WAS a podcast EXACTLY like that and with your help, maybe we can bring it back.

“Play Value” debuted around 2007 from a now defunct media company called “On Networks”. The show had several hosts, but the main group seems to be Dan Ackerman, TJ Allard, Libe Goad, and Jeff Rubin. Are you familiar with VH1’s “I Love the 80s” show? Play Value had a very similar theme, but the personalities are better on the Play Value podcast. Just my opinion… There are just over 20 episodes of Play Value and they can be view on this YouTube page.

After watching the limited number of episodes, I can’t help but feel depressed that there aren’t new episodes being created. I think retro gaming is even bigger now than it was 6 years ago (makes sense, right?) Back in April of this year, I took to Twitter and pestered those hosts about the Play Value podcast. All four of them either retweeted me or favorited my tweet. That’s a good sign. Perhaps they too would like to see the podcast come back.


When I mentioned getting something going on Kickstarter to bring the show back, TJ Allard replied: “Hmmm now that’s a very interesting idea.” If you go to Jeff Rubin’s blog, he writes, “If they make more and call me, I’ll be there and make sure everyone knows.” I am asking my fellow retroists to tweet and/or email these hosts and tell them that you want PLAY VALUE back! I don’t know the legality of bringing a defunct podcast back from the grave, but where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.

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5 thoughts on “Help bring back the “Play Value” podcast

  1. I had never heard of this (I’m always a few years behind, let’s be honest), but now I’m addicted… thanks for the post, hoping Play Value comes back!

  2. Thanks for the post on PV! It was a great little show and we still run into people who loved it. I suspect we’ve all moved onto bigger, if not better, things now, but hey, if they can bring Arrested Development back…

    Interesting to note, even though this was so many years ago, Libe and I (we’re married, if you couldn’t tell from the show), are still friends with TJ and Josh Shabtai — although we hang out less often now that we’re all married/parents/grownups/etc.

    -dan ackerman

  3. Thanks for the input Dan. Actually, didn’t know you married Libe. Congrats!! And yes, you have all have moved onto bigger things, but not neccessarily better things… Hey, I’m biased!

    Nice to know that you still keep in touch with Josh and TJ. Makes it that much easier to get back together to create some more episodes of Play Value ;)

  4. I dearly miss this podcast! I don’t think On Networks was very well known which I believe was it’s Achilles heel. Now throw this on something like Revision 3 or and I bet it would get loads of attention. Alternatively Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are hungry for original content and I think something like this could fair well on any of their services.

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