Christmas in July with John Denver and the Muppets

Christmas in July with John Denver and the Muppets

I ran across this vinyl gem in a thrift store for a buck last weekend and had to pick it up!

Unlike the Retroist, I didn’t own this record as a kid. I did, however, hear it multiple times each year around the holidays. John Denver and the Muppets’ version of The Twelve Days of Christmas was in regular rotation each year around the holidays at my elementary school. Several years in a row we performed this version of the song in our yearly Christmas programs.

One thing I will never tire of is album artwork. Compared to significantly smaller CD covers (and the even smaller renditions that show up on my phone), vinyl albums seem downright huge, and I love going over the pictures and spotting all the cool details.

Years ago I found this album for sale around the holidays on CD, which I promptly bought and then ripped to mp3 format as well. I don’t know how much playing time this record will actually get, but I certainly adore that artwork and will definitely have this album on display somewhere in the house during the holiday season this year.

One thing I have never understood is people who sell holiday-related items in the off season. It seems like I am always buying Christmas-related items in the spring, Halloween-related items in the winter, and leftover Easter candy in the summer.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this album! :) The cover art is so warm and fuzzy!lol I love how the Muppets did so many collaborations with stars on their show and have so much fun YouTubing them :)
    I loved their show they did in 1996 with stars such as Jason Alexander guesting – I remember so many funny references to shows like BayWatch and Flashdance,LOL

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