Pop Rocks! They’ll Burst All Over Your Mouth


Do you remember the first time you had Pop Rocks? I remember that giggle fest very well. I also tend to remember the first time other people have tried them in front of me. It is not often you get to share a simple memorable experience with people and Pop Rocks lets you do that. So ask around. See which people in your life have never had this carbonated treat and get them a pack.



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2 thoughts on “Pop Rocks! They’ll Burst All Over Your Mouth

  1. Yeah, I remember my first pop rocks, nasty tasting garbage. The zinging sensation was fun, but man did that stuff taste horrible.
    I also remember people passing around that foolish story about pop rocks making your stomache explode if you drank coke with it, right up until the moment I chugged pop rocks & coke right in front of them in the cafeteria.

  2. I love Pop Rocks and now my son does as well. They make all sorts of variations on it now.

    BTW, I love that the commercial was shot in the fall time. It made it a little creepy.

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