Thirsty? Drink Flintstones’ Yabba Dabba Dew


So many wonderful items came out that I wish I could have tried. One that has always been high on my list was the Flintstones’ Yabba Dabba Dew. It was one of those things that I was made aware of because I had older sisters. They were big fans of it when it came out and one of them scored this sweet Fred Flintstone cup from Arthur Treacher’s. I drank HI-C out of that cup well into the late 1980s and every time my sister saw me doing so she would tell me how much she missed the Flintstones Dew.

I still to this day wonder what it tasted like and why it went away.


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One thought on “Thirsty? Drink Flintstones’ Yabba Dabba Dew

  1. plcary says:

    Flashback! Wow, thanks for posting that. I loved that stuff. I couldn’t wait to get home and grab the can opener and puncture a hole in the top of it. I’m pretty sure we just kept the metal can in the fridge instead of pouring it into a pitcher. Not sure how safe that was but it was the 70s. I also would lay in the back window of our 72 Ford LTD on road trips.

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