Burger King Pillow Dolls

Typically when I think of Burger King collectibles the first thing that comes to mind are the company’s drinking glasses — specifically the Star Wars ones — so finding other BK-related collectibles in the wild is always a treat.

Last week I ran across not one but two plush versions of the King himself in an antique mall. Now, I have to admit something here: I have a bit of a hang up when it comes to buying used pillows and stuffed animals. There’s something about adding something to my collection that’s probably full of some other kid’s drool that I just can’t seem to get over.

The more cartoonish of the two Kings dates back to 1973; the one of the right is slightly newer, released in the late 70s I think. (If anyone knows for sure when these were released, please let me know.) Although the memory is cloudy I do think I may have owned the one on the left when I was a kid. If I did, I surely would have slept with my head on top of it in hopes of dreaming about hamburgers, and whomever owns it today owns a plush doll filled with my drool.

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