1983 Choplifter Magazine Ad Is Awesome!

1983 Choplifter Magazine Ad Is Awesome!

Choplifter - Commodore 64
I am absolutely a fan of the Commodore 64 personal computer, it was my first computer and still happens to be my favorite. Some of that I admit might be my view of it through rose-colored glasses but when I think back to all the fun I had with the computer and its library of games I’m not so sure. Zork, Mail Order Monsters, AutoDuel, Maniac Mansion, and Choplifter are just a few of the games I was fortunate to have and I played these titles for years and years.

We’ve talked before about the great artwork used by game companies for the likes of Atari 2600 box art but I can remember seeing this 1983 advertisement in a computer magazine and it TOTALLY sells the concept of the Choplifter title. The viewpoint as a prisoner of war watching the chopper coming in for a rescue as enemy planes and tanks try to bring it down, in your head you can hear the noise of the chopper blades, the roar of the jets and mechanical growl of the tanks treads and the booming report of the shells being fired…all mixing with the urgent cries of help from the prisoners of war. At least I could back when it was being advertised for the Commodore VIC-20.
Choplifter D
Choplifter B - Commodore 64
Choplifter C - Commodore 64

I got my first Commodore 64 used from a friend of my Father and it came with both the Choplifter cartridge and Kickman. You’ll notice that the box art for Choplifter is a little different from the artwork you see up top, for one thing it gained an exclamation mark in its title.

Image courtesy of Moby Games.
Image courtesy of Moby Games.

Thanks to Hai Karate4 you can see five minutes of actual Commodore 64 Choplifter gameplay!


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  1. Mail Order Monsters! I didn’t think anyone remembered that one but me.

  2. Choplifter was a straight-up fun game. I enjoyed the arcade version, and played the heck out of the Sega Master System version. I do remember that ad from Electronic Games and the other magazines of the time, but the company “Creative” escapes me. I do recall Br0derbund making the original, but the company selling that Vic20 version doesn’t ring a bell.

  3. awww yeah – Choplifter was one of my FAVES on the C-64. In fact I just recently bought a loose cart of it for my Master System too. The arcade game was cool too. More Commodore posts! Oh and don’t get me started on Zork

  4. ddsw, you can be assured that lots of people remember the awesomeness of Mail Order Monsters!

    Scott, I agree with you about Creative…not sure if possibly Broderbund was responsible for solely the C-64 or did they end up taking over the port?

    MadPlanet, let me see what we can do about getting a few more posts about the C-64…I’m pretty sure the esteemed Rob O’Hara knows far more about the system than I do though.

    I did a few posts about text games a couple of years ago though, like this one for Infocom’s Wishbringer.

  5. A favorite for sure. My C64 (and C128) still get love for the following: Choplifter, Jumpman, Jumpman Jr., Loderunner. More that have probably just slipped my mind.

  6. Jumpman! John, that is game that totally slipped my mind…time to start getting some new posts lined up for these classic games. :)

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