LEGO Spaceman

I think the space series were my first LEGOs. I like the simplicity of the characters and pieces back then, they weren’t nearly as specialized as they are today.


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6 thoughts on “LEGO Spaceman

  1. They were my first as well and I agree much simpler. I hate to admit but I do dread putting some of my kids sets together, they have gotten very involved.

  2. we just got our kids two rubber maid containers full of LEGOs at a garage sale for $30. It is a blessing and a curse. So many awesome LEGOs but it takes forever to look through them all to find the right piece!

  3. Chris X says:

    totally agree. The Legoland Space, Castle, and to an only slightly lesser degree Town worlds were all amazing. I’m in awe of how specialized and detailed the pieces and playsets are these days, but I too long for the relative simplicity of those old sets.

    hours upon hours, sometimes for literally days at a time were spent with those toys and my imagination. I would give just about anything to live in a room made of or at least full of, Legos.

    I actually spent a few days in high school writing stories about characters that were based off of figures, vehicles, and playsets from those worlds. I really wish I still had them.

  4. Chris X says:

    I remember throwing them out. It broke my heart, but I was worried about what my parents would think if/when they found them (because instead of thinking they’d enjoy or be proud of my creativity, I feared they’d mock me or be angry of my usage of my school time (since they were written in my school notebooks – pretty telling of my childhood that that would be a concern of mine) I was actually proud of those stories and I’ve never forgiven myself(or my parents, by proxy) for doing what I did with them.

    Well, this just got awkward and weird. Um…sorry? The stories were cool though. The castle inspired ones even included appearances by Redbeard and company, as the Pirate sets had started to come out at that point.

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