Jessica Fletcher, Murder She Wrote

I used to watch this with my parents (Sunday nights?) It was a fun show and Angela Lansbury was fantastic. I would like to re-watch this. This drawing took me longer than the others, I wanted it to turn out perfect but I’m not sure it did.


Christopher Tupa

Christopher was the original illustrator for the Retroist Podcast.

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7 thoughts on “Jessica Fletcher, Murder She Wrote

  1. I second that @Caffeinated Joe. I love Angela Lansbury, I love Jessica Fletcher, I love MSW & I love this drawing!!

  2. Spotted Feather says:

    The only thing that I can see that’s really not right is that you have her hair as brown. I watch the show 4 times a day, every day, and to me, her hair is blonde. Or at least a lot lighter brown than you have it. It’s just a tad darker than Rose’s hair on the Golden Girls. Golden Girls…you should do a picture of the four ladies from that show next. That’s another one of my top 5 favourite shows, MSW being my all time favourite.

    If you want to watch Murder She Wrote, it’s on the Hallmark movie channel. 10 pm to 2 am central time. Followed by Perry Mason.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Good stuff, Chris!
    I’m also watching the show on Netflix, giving my Sundays the perfect flavor of lazy, hazy day murders and exciting jaunt back to dialed programming with beloved guest stars from TV Guides of the 80s.

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