Vintage Audio Ads – The Babe Magnet (Akai Sound System)
Go all the way. Swing with the foremost foursome. Get more from four.

Vintage Audio Ads – The Babe Magnet (Akai Sound System)

Pretty racy for the early 70s! Apparently Akai was hankerin’ for a more grown up image, and they hit it out of the park with this nutty 1972 magazine advertisement for their 4-channel audio system. Four speakers will get you four women in your bed, and clearly they can’t seem to keep their hands off him. The dude sports a frilly shirt with bow tie, martini in hand and a smile that says… well, I don’t know what it says, but it’s kind of creepy, and the gal second from the left looks like she’s got him figured out. Seems she’d rather be somewhere else. Anywhere but in bed with him and three other chicks (four speakers be damned).

Remember folks, for best sound quality you need one speaker at each corner of the bed, all facing the same direction. And they function as great end tables to boot! Completing the picture are wood paneling and a comforter that looks like a dead polar bear.

Go all the way. Swing with the foremost foursome. Get more from four.
Go all the way. Swing with the foremost foursome. Get more from four.

Achievement unlocked.

Akai is a consumer electronics brand name. The original company was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan as Akai Electric Co., Ltd. It is best know now for its work in developing electronics such as LED TVs and Air Conditioning systems.


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  1. Great ad. They were selling a lifestyle, not great audio. Now, I have no idea whether this system sounded good – I’m sure at that point (1972) it did, but the whole idea here was that you would be a SUPER STUD if you bought this gear.

    And don’t forget that you’ll want to have kind-of expensive audio gear right NEAR the bed with those 4 babes so when things get hot and heavy, NOTHING will be far enough away to escape the damage. And that martini glass he’s holding will leave a nice ring on the speakers. All while looking at the cables and connectors ON THE BACK of the components that look so good from where the camera is standing….

  2. Great vintage lifestyle advertisement.

    Yeah, magazine ads in the 70s very much had the Penthouse aesthetic as a go-to for men’s products.
    Be it cars, after-shave, cigarettes, shoes, money clips – if a guy bought it, there had to be babes in the picture.
    Not Women (cuz you *marry* women), but Babes.
    Disco babes, lounge babes, summertime-in-the-park babes.

    I got my education of adulthood (or rather ‘fair warning’) as a kid in the 70s, eyes glazing over cooking magazines and such, as I pored through looking for comics.

    But also about this ad, I imagine that expensive reel-to-reel might get kicked over when the Bond lookalike is having nightmares about the bills to pay for all that equipment, the suit, the cocktails, and the alimony.

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