Big Wheels vs. Ding Dongs – What did you call them?

Who didn’t love a Hostess Ding Dong? People who love Hostess Big Wheels? What both of those people might not realize is that those were the same product that were just marketed under different names is different markets because of a similarity to another product made by Drake’s called, Ring Ding. This was all new to me when I met a guy at work who kept calling them Big Wheels. I asked him if that was some weird name for the Ding Dong I was enjoying and he told me the entire history. The weird thing was, I grew up maybe 10 minutes away from him and yet we had two different names for the same food.

Did you know about Big Wheels where you lived?


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3 thoughts on “Big Wheels vs. Ding Dongs – What did you call them?

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    I believe other companies here in Ontario, Canada marketed them as “Wagon Wheels” and “Hockey Pucks”

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wagon Wheels! We *did* have those here in the land of moose and meese and they were delicious!

    They were an almost daily dessert back when I was not even thinking about growing up.

    The silvery foil; the occasionally-crumpled version – which would make me cry until I bit into it and realized the tastiness had not been smushed out; their everpresence in general stores, where the immediate consumption of a chocolate unit would be called for…

    Simply scrumptious.

    I dare not eat a newer version today.
    Nothing would compare.

  3. Badwolf says:

    We had Ring Dings (Used to be a larger, single cake), Ring Ding, Jr. (THESE were what came in the boxes from the supermarket – we just dropped the Jr. after a while, as did Drakes) and Big Wheels. I liked Ring Dings better than Big Wheels, but the Big Wheels had a better box.

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