Sheriff Ronald McDonalds Cactus Canyon Lunchbox

Sheriff Ronald McDonalds Cactus Canyon Lunchbox

Here’s one of the lunchboxes I picked up last week while out and about, the McDonalds Cactus Canyon Lunchbox. I can’t wait to cram a McBLT in this thing and take it to work for lunch. Many classic lunchboxes told a story, and this one is no exception. On the front of the lunchbox you can see Ronald McDonald as “the Sheriff,” relaxing on the front porch as an excited Birdie is approaching him. I think every day Birdie is not turned into a 20 piece box of McNuggets, Birdie should be excited.

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Around the edges of the lunchbox you can follow the story. On one side of the lunchbox Birdie leads Ronald and the gang to an empty safe. The other size shows the Hamburgler making his escape, and the top shows a Hamburgler wanted poster. On the back of the lunchbox we can see how the story of the McDonalds Cactus Canyon Lunchbox ends.

McDonalds Cactus Canyon Lunchbox

How this story end

As the Fry Guys stand guard and Mayor McCheese assumes his “stick-up” pose, it’s Grimace we see here saving the day using his lasso. Noticeably missing in this wild west setting are any guns. My favorite part of the back is Ronald himself, who instead of helping apprehend the Hamburgler, simply gestures towards the crook’s getaway stagecoach as if to say, “See what kind of McCrap I have to put up with in Cactus Canton?”

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  1. Rob, perhaps Ronald’s part in all of this is like Bela Lugosi in ‘Glen or Glenda’? “Pull the String!”

  2. We bout to have ourselves a hangin’ in Cactus Canyon, yessir.

  3. Great find, Rob. I really like that this particular lunchbox has a nontraditional setting for the characters.

  4. I miss the McDonaldLand characters.

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