Mac Tonight in North Carolina

I’ve been on the road for work for two weeks now, having spent a week in the Charlotte/Greensboro North Carolina area and a second week here in our nation’s capitol, Washington DC. All of my time here in DC has been spent working, but over the weekend in Greensboro I had a couple of days of downtime which allowed me to seek out some local antique malls and thrift stores.

I spent several hours Saturday at Cooks Flea Market, which is over 150,000 square foot in size. One of my favorite shops there was the Hip Hop Kung Fu Shop, a small booth with hundreds of classic 70s martial arts films. If you’re into retro “chop socky” kung fu and ninja films, you should definitely check his website out.

From there I hit the Antique Market Place, also in Greensboro. Antique Malls are often filled with furniture, glassware, and dainty knick-knacks, none of which particularly interest me — BUT, hit enough of them, and you can find some cool 70s and 80s retro things.

Like this:

You may recall in the 1980s when McDonald’s introduced their “Mac Tonight” marketing campaign. I haven’t run across any “Mac” collectibles out in the wild, so when I saw this trash can I had to have it. For years I’ve been collecting things that sit on shelves and gather dust, so the idea of picking up something retro that’s also useful is always cool.

Last week I mentioned the Fall Guy Lunchbox that I found in North Carolina. I passed on that one, but had to have this one:

These two items, along with a whole pile of other retro goodies, are now sitting in the back of my car waiting to be hauled back to Oklahoma to join their other retro friends.

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