The Bugaloos – Senses of Our World


People who know me might not be surprised to know that I was once thrown into a mud puddle and forced to lay down in it for about an hour after school for being caught singing the theme song to the Bugaloos. Singing in the school yard to oneself was generally frowned upon in the Thunderdome that was my elementary school, but I still think the mud was a bit much for it. I don’t even want to think about what they would have done to me if they caught me singing “Senses of Our World” in my beautiful soprano singing voice.


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2 thoughts on “The Bugaloos – Senses of Our World

  1. iPadCary says:

    Lying in the mud for an HOUR?!?

    Jesus malloik, what school’d you go to, “Our Lady Of Riker’s”?

  2. Ha! I was being kind by calling it a mud puddle, it was an oily deep puddle in the parking lot next to the school. I had a rash for a month after that.

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