Remember the Lean Machine At EPCOT’s World of Motion?

I have vague recollections of this vehicle being featured at World of Motion. I remember thinking how cool and sleek I would look jetting around New Jersey in one of these in the futuristic 1990s. Sadly I still haven’t seen one Lean Machine on the streets, but I have seen these handouts they used to give out about them on sale online.

[scan via] John Lloyd

Hmmm. This starts of this video is illuminating. Maybe I would not have been jetting around so futuristicly? Was it because the learning curve was steep that this never caught on? Or maybe it is because it just looks like a death trap?


Garry Vander Voort

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4 thoughts on “Remember the Lean Machine At EPCOT’s World of Motion?

  1. Odd, always thought it was powered by a bicycle. Regardless, how many miles to the gallon? I do need something that gets me 100 mpg and can go on the highway, though I know ways of avoiding the highway if need be.

  2. earblast says:

    That’s one of the few things I remember about Epcot back in 82 or so. I seem to remember going up an escalator with RCA Selectavision videodisc players on display. Back when RCA meant something.

  3. Max Power says:

    Earblast: that was probably the exit from Space Mountain. It was sponsored by RCA at the time, and they had “futuristic” product displays along the moving belt that took you out after the ride.

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