Patrick J. Doody Goes…Beneath!

Image courtesy of Space Zombie Films
Image courtesy of Revolver Picture Company

Hey friends! It’s always exciting to hear of new projects from our writers and contributors to the Retroist, especially when it’s concerning upcoming film projects!

We received this Press Release from our very own Patrick J. Doody this morning: “I know it’s not really retro and slightly self serving, but I thought I would update everyone with what I do when I’m not posting retro goodies. Beneath, a feature I have co-written along with my producing/writing partner, Chris Valenziano, has started production this week in Hollywood. We are on set for the next four weeks. If you would like to check out the happenings, head over to our Facebook page. We post pics and updates each day. And feel free to message us or ask questions if you are interested in anything regarding filmmaking.”

Looks like Harry Warden might be getting a run for his money as a Horror Icon!


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