1992 Documentary “Genesis – Opening Night”


In the early 1990s when Genesis was still at the height of its power (maybe waning) this documentary was put together and played on network television in support of the “We Can’t Dance tour” tour. An interesting look at powerhouse of the 1980s as they ventured into the 1990s. Only a few short years later Phil Collins would leave the band.


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One thought on “1992 Documentary “Genesis – Opening Night”

  1. Badwolf says:

    I’m a Big Fan of Genesis, but watching this only underscores how far they had fallen, musically, by this time. At one point, Genesis was the pinnacle, the zenith of progressive rock – intense odysseys with classic thematic elements. After the departure of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, the band descended into a mire of pop music, probably driven by Record Labels that were hungry for more dollars.

    While I like Phil Collins, he should have never come out from behind the drums. He was a great drummer, but no one would know this because he became the vocalist-cum front man for the band.

    I’ll give you three recommendations.

    1) Selling England By The Pound – get this album and listen to it.
    2) Supper’s Ready (on the album entitled Foxtrot) – This shows what the band was capable of.
    3) Seconds Out – This shows what the band could do even WITHOUT Peter Gabriel (who is brilliant).

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