Weltron 8-Track Player

I have seen these on the web before but this may be the first one I’ve run across in the wild before. I’m not in the market for one (I only own one 8-track), but one of these would be the perfect accessory for your Johnny Bravo-inspired love pad.

AntiqueRadio.org has more information about the Weltron 2001 if you’re interested in reading more about it.

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5 thoughts on “Weltron 8-Track Player

  1. I have an Aquatron 8-track player – is like the Weltron except egg shaped. The Weltrons are actually decent sounding 8-track players – they have good stereo separation and can adjust the bass and treble.

    Like to take my Aquatron along camping – nice to sit out on the picnic table and listen to some groovy 70’s tunes…..

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