Dungeons and Dragons and the Sears Wish Book (1984)

When the Christmas season rolled around you can bet that on the weekends at my Grandparents house. I would lay on the living room floor pouring over every single page of the Sears Wish Book. Hours and hours I would meticulously read each description for a toy or game that might catch my eye. A few select ones would become worthy of being added to the Christmas Wish List.

The Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game however was verboten. My Grandparents refused to even entertain the thought of letting me or the rest of their grandchildren get. They were so opposed or afraid of the game, that they actually cut that page out of the book.

Thankfully other people wisely decided to keep their Wish Books intact. So we could eventually share those heady days back in 1984 when SOME people could order Dungeons and Dragons products for the Holidays!

Dungeons and Dragons B  Sears Wish Book

I came to play Dungeons and Dragons a little later than most. When I see the prices for the likes of the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual nowadays it gives me pause. I know what the first thing I need to do is when I finally invent that time machine.

Dungeons and Dragons C - Sears Wish Book

For those who like their adventures in book form, you might find these Endless Quest books of particular interest. I like how some of the items listed on the Dungeons and Dragons page aren’t 100% related to the game. They just figure if someone was an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons player, they just might go ahead and order the St. George miniature set. I would have.

Dungeons and Dragons D - Sears Wish Book


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