Funky Swatch Telecom Phone

This was found at a boot sale over in the UK, but I seem to remember phones like this being sold in the local Caldor in the 1990s. My sister might have even picked one up. Although hers was not this colorful, it was just a plain slim phone made of non-translucent plastic. The thing I remember about it most was that it was really easy to knock if off the hook. So my sister would be running off to work in the morning, knock the phone off the hook and the whole day we would not get a phone call (we just had the one line). Not the most practical design, but very cool looking, especially this version.


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One thought on “Funky Swatch Telecom Phone

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    I had a swatch phone sort of like this but I recall that mine had the receiver to make calls but also the base was the receiver. Not really sure what the point of that was except to allow a friend to listen along without having to use speaker phone.

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