Saturday Frights: “Spider Baby” (1968)

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I pass on the information that Retroist artist and contributor Sean Hartter has passed away. All of us here at the Retroist send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Hartter family during this time of grief.

I had thought about removing this post but since Sean chose this week’s Saturday Frights I felt it would be wrong to not share it with everyone.

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back you Fiend Friends to another installment of Saturday Frights, the place you can count on for your weekend dose of Horror and Terror related Retro offerings. This week we have a film pick from Retroist artist extraordinaire Sean Hartter and he has chosen the 1968 Jack Hill directed cult classic ‘Spider Baby’ which stars Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolfman, 13 Demon Street), Sid Haig (Foxy Brown, The Devil’s Rejects), Jill Banner (Ironside, Adam-12), Beverly Washburn (Old Yeller, Star Trek) and Mantan Moreland (The Bill Cosby Show, Adam-12).

The story involves the three Merrye ‘children’ played by Haig, Banner, and Washburn who suffer from “Merrye Syndrome”, a genetic affliction that attacks members of the family, it causes them to mentally and physically regress down the evolutionary ladder, beginning at the end of childhood. Lon Chaney Jr. plays Bruno, their guardian and chauffeur. The trouble begins when two distant relatives decide to visit the decaying rural mansion that Bruno and the Merrye children call home in an effort of claiming the property as rightfully theirs. To aid them they’ve brought along their lawyer and his secretary…and things go right out of control.

So grab your favorite beverage and snacks and make sure to turn down the lights as you join Sean Hartter and myself as we visit the Merrye estate and the wicked ‘Spider Baby’!
[Via] Tina-Desiree Berg

As well as thanking Sean Hartter for his wonderful pick this week I as always want to thank him for that wonderful header artwork you see up top. Make sure to visit his personal blog by clicking on the link up above to see even more fantastic art!


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