Land Of The Giants Cartoon Kit (1968)

Images courtesy of the Irwin Allen Gallery
Images courtesy of the Irwin Allen Gallery

I first caught the 1968 Irwin Allen produced TV series Land of the Giants thanks to the USA Network, it would come on after his 1965 Lost in Space series aired in the early afternoon. While I prefer Lost in Space I still enjoy Land of the Giants.

The Land of the Giants story involved the crew of the sub-orbital transport ship ‘Spindrift’, while traveling from Los Angeles to London they encounter a space storm that delivers them to a strange world where everything is 12 times larger than their counterparts on Earth.

[Via] Revelation Films

You can watch Land of the Giants on Hulu.

Thanks to the Irwin Allen Gallery though I’ve discovered something I need to add to my collection of TV related toys, the Land of the Giants Cartoon Kit from back in 1968, which is of course a Colorforms set.

Land of the Giants 2
Land of the Giants 3
Land of the Giants 4


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