Land Of The Giants Cartoon Kit (1968)

Images courtesy of the Irwin Allen Gallery

Images courtesy of the Irwin Allen Gallery

I first caught the 1968 Irwin Allen produced TV series Land of the Giants thanks to the USA Network, it would come on after his 1965 Lost in Space series aired in the early afternoon. While I prefer Lost in Space I still enjoy Land of the Giants.

The Land of the Giants story involved the crew of the sub-orbital transport ship ‘Spindrift’, while traveling from Los Angeles to London they encounter a space storm that delivers them to a strange world where everything is 12 times larger than their counterparts on Earth.

[Via] Revelation Films

You can watch Land of the Giants on Hulu.

Thanks to the Irwin Allen Gallery though I’ve discovered something I need to add to my collection of TV related toys, the Land of the Giants Cartoon Kit from back in 1968, which is of course a Colorforms set.

Land of the Giants 2
Land of the Giants 3
Land of the Giants 4


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4 thoughts on “Land Of The Giants Cartoon Kit (1968)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Land of the Giants is one of those 60s Sci-Fi nuggets that got lost to me in the TV decades where it got sent to syndication limbo in my parts of the woods.
    We only had these oldies on the 70s tubes if the dubbed versions still circulated.

    But they rarely did, as our local TV stations favored comedy-crossover genre titles like Lost In Space (played weekdays, for years).

    Watching it again recently, it doesn’t hold up as well as our schoolyard retellings the day after (the mind’s FX studio made those giant cats scary) but the wave of nostalgia warms the retro heart, just as well as the great Time Tunnel did (another little-aired rerun fave).

    One thing about Colorforms: They were the Video Games of the day; the imagination playground for acting out TV shows, Movies, Super Heroes and Muppets.

    No controller or electricity required – just an amateur animator’s heart and the eye for framing the ultimate action scene (which you had to show somebody as soon as you stuck the last leg in there).

    In this case, *you* were the Giant in the Land.

  2. iPadCary says:

    I had a “Land Of Giants” lunchbox — complete with soggy tunafish sandwich, apple & a thermos that made the chocolate milk inside it stink to high heaven for some strange reason.

  3. Spotted Feather says:

    I loved colorforms when I was a kid. I still have a sealed (at least I think it’s sealed) box of Jurassic Park Colorforms.

  4. Here is an important question, friends. Do they still EVEN make Colorforms anymore? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen on in a store, is it just my neck of the woods that is not stocking them?

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