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The quintessential 80s hero was a loner, right? Well, almost. Sure there were lone wolves like Rambo, Stringfellow Hawk, and Chuck Norris in any Chuck Norris movie, but lots of 80s heroes had companions. This was especially true in the toy realm as many toy figures came with companion figures. Here are a few examples.
Rainbow Brite & Twink. I never owned a Rainbow Brite. I’m not sure I ever even saw one in the flesh (er, stuffing?). But as I understood it, each Rainbow Brite character came with a color-coordinated sprite like Rainbow’s Twink.
Strawberry Shortcake & Custard. I never owned any Strawberry Shortcake character, but I did see a few, and I know that each came with an animal friend. Custard the Cat belonged to Strawberry.
Sectaurs. Now here is something I could get into. Each Sectaur warrior had an insect symbiote. Some were large enough to ride (or fly) on, but others were smaller, like Zak and Bitaur.
Other World. Bendable action figures from Arco. They not only had glow in the dark weapons, but the hero Ronin came with two companions, Jipps and Mogs (I think Mogs was actually an enemy, but he was little and cute, so who cares).


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