The Price is Right at Night?


Sounds familiar right? It seems that The Price is Right ran intermittently at night at times. The one I remember though was one in the mid-1980s, when their was a short-lived night time version of the show. It ran a too short September 9, 1985 – September 5, 1986. It was hosted by Tom Kennedy who had quite a game show resume. He was also involved with You Don’t Say!, Split Second and Name That Tune. I am not sure why it didn’t take off at the time. My family loved it, me in particular, since I was addicted to Price is Right and would miss it because of school. I have yet to catch it in reruns anywhere, but a few clips have made it online to remind me of what I am missing.

Do you remember The Price is Right at Night? How about earlier/later incarnations? Would you watch Drew Carey version at night?


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