Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Figures

At one of my usual toy haunts over the weekend I ran across these still-on-the-card packages of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures.

Originally released in 1983, Each set of figures was priced at $24.99 with a 40% discount sticker affixed to them.

The Steadfast Men-At-Arms package still had the original $1.99 price tag on it from Toys-R-Us. I wish I had picked them up at that price!

The worst part of these is that I know they are priced high because they are still in the original packaging, but there’s no way I would be able to stop myself from opening them if I bought them.

Rob O'Hara

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6 thoughts on “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Figures

  1. The Paladin is from the first “wave” of characters, along with the Wizard, the Orc, and one or two others. I had those as a kid along with the dragon.

    I originally passed on these but may go back and pick them up next weekend. Vintage Stock tends to have frequent “buy one get one half off” sales on their used merchandise around holidays so I’m kind of waiting for one of those sales to pop up.

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