A More Dynamic Orko by Scott Christian Sava

As a youth I found Orco Orko a little annoying at times. I never disliked him, I more felt sorry for him. From my experience, even then, I thought comic relief was a tough niche to fill on a cartoon. I often wondered if Orco Orko dreamed of being a more dynamic hero (wasn’t that an episode?) If he did I imagined he might have looked like this vision of Orco Orko by Scott Christian Sava.



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5 thoughts on “A More Dynamic Orko by Scott Christian Sava

  1. Badwolf says:

    I liked the episode of MOTU when Orco opened a small delicatessen.

    You probably get what I mean; there wasn’t a lot going on there.

  2. There was an episode of the original series where orco got his full magic powers back after retrieving some amulet, for that episode he was a powerful wizard on a par with skeletor or evil-lyn. In the later MotU cartoon he was drawn much more dynamic, though I don’t think his character was changed much.
    In the image comics based on the newer series though, he was both drawn more dynamic (quite similar to the pic in this article in fact), and for at least an issue or two he was given a more dynamic personality (again by picking up an amulet), here’s a sample page: http://allspark.net/cypherswipe/orco-image-comics.jpg

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