Gottlieb’s Solar City Pinball Table (1977)
Image courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive

Gottlieb’s Solar City Pinball Table (1977)

Image courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive
Image courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive

I’ve not had the pleasure of playing the Solar City table by Gottlieb in my youth, though after watching the video below I certainly hope that at some point I can come across it in the wilds of some arcade or Pinball hall. I’m not sure what it is about this design that strikes my fancy but it could have something to do with the awesome backglass featuring Flash Gordon inspired archers practicing their skill as Hawkwomen swoop down from some futuristic city while a Wizard slumbers in the bottom right.
Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Renault at the Internet Pinball Machine Database
Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Renault at the Internet Pinball Machine Database

[Via] Robert Lamb

A big thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the pinball flyer you see up top as well as to Jean-Pierre Renault and the Internet Pinball Machine Database for the image of Solar City’s backglass. Make sure to follow the link provided to see even more images of the table.


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  1. Great table with classic sights and sounds.
    Y’know? That’s something that was great about a roomfull of tables, the artwork and concept told a story.
    A small one, mind you. Most times just an idea (like those surfer-themed ones).

    But it was great seeing a stack of ’em side-by-side and picking one that suited your fancy.
    Ultimately, when Eight-Ball Deluxe came out (in Pinball’s Modern days) that was it.
    Until Black Knight came out.

    And the Kiss pinball, which was located in a diner where I ate on school lunch breaks.
    Just thinking about that table brings back the taste of those steamed ketchup hot-dogs and home fries.

    Yeah, I know Solar City woulda been a favorite cuz playing pinball, you always look up at the score – and the artwork reminds why you chose this one, which flipper-controlled adventure you are one, and just how cool the moment is.

  2. Nice pin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Solar City in person before either but I’ve played, and came real close to buying off Craigslist, another one by Gottlieb called Target Alpha that had the exact same playfield so I believe the only difference was the art package. And it caught my eye for the exact same reason – the cool retro sci-fi/fantasy art. For me that is big part of whether or not I like a pinball.

  3. oh one other difference just occurred to me – Solar City is a 2-player game and Target Alpha is a 4-player.

  4. Atari, I hear ya loud and clear, my friend! I totally can taste the pizza from our local pizzeria in my neck of the woods whenever I step up to play some Pac-Man or Gondomania at the Arkadia Retrocade. The smells of not only the pizza but the beer and the sounds of the jukebox playing…I feel like I can reach behind me and grab a slice!

    MadPlanet, my knowledge on pinball tables is weak and that may very well be why I like them so much, I’ve grown to enjoy the lure of the Silver Ball very much. A 4-player table though sounds incredible!

    I was thinking you had tables in your collection…we need you to write some posts and share with us! :)

  5. I had very little interest in pinball as a kid – I was all about the video games. But somewhere in the last 5 years or so I went from mildly interest to big fan.

    Oh and you are correct – I have 3 pins. And I did actually make a post a little over a year ago when I got my first one – a Stern Spider-Man. Love that Spidey! If you care to check it out it’s at


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