TOPPS To Publish New “Mars Attacks” Trading Cards!

Mars Attacks Invasion - Topps
Now here is some exciting news to get a Retro fan’s heart pumping! Topps cards is releasing a brand new Mars Attacks card series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic and originally controversial card set. Mars Attacks: Invasion will be a re-imagining of the original series by legendary pulp artist Earl Norem and comic artist Joe Jusko as well as the art of Ed Repka, Glen Orbik, Gregory Staples and more artists that will be announced later.

Mars Attacks: Invasion will be released in October of this year…which is the perfect time I reckon, maybe it will coincide with the famous Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast from back in October of 1938? Besides the draw of collecting a new series of Mars Attacks cards, some lucky fans will be treated to randomly inserted 1962 Mars Attacks collector cards. Mind you these are NOT reprints but original 1962 released cards!

From the Press Release: “New York – (April 15) Riding the momentum of the 50th Anniversary of their best-selling franchise, Topps is proud to announce the first all-new MARS ATTACKS story-based trading cards in more than half a century! While paying homage to the infamous card set that first shocked parents and delighted children in 1962, Mars Attacks: Invasion will be a bold revival, and will take the property into exciting new territory.

“Last year’s Heritage re-issue was a smash hit with fans,” says Topps’ Adam Levine, who has overseen the recent resurgence of MARS ATTACKS, “and this brand-new series is what we’ve been building to. It will be a fresh re-imagining of the original series and will stay faithful to MARS ATTACKS’ pulpy, classic sci-fi roots. This means all-new, traditionally hand-painted cards illustrated by a group of artists carefully selected to carry forward creator Norm Saunders’ legacy.”

The set will boast an impressive roster of talent, from living legend Earl Norem and master illustrator Joe Jusko, to renowned painters Ed Repka, Glen Orbik, Gregory Staples and more to be announced. Artists contributing to the 63-card story-based portion of the set will each illustrate multiple cards, with the set being divided into themed subsets that combine to tell the story of an alien apocalypse unlike any other.

“Topps hasn’t done a set like this in more than twenty years,” says series editor David Waldeck. “It’s a return to the days when trading cards hooked audiences with incredible imagery and imaginative storytelling. We’ve loaded the set with everything fans know and love about MARS ATTACKS: giant insects, flying saucers, ray guns, robots, damsels and death rays!”

Topps will also provide fans with the opportunity to find original 1962 MARS ATTACKS trading cards randomly inserted into packs! These vintage trading cards from the most valuable non-sport trading card set in history have been certified by Topps in 2013 and will be available as rare chase cards in Mars Attacks: Invasion!

Additional chase subsets and valuable collector-driven inserts will be detailed in the coming months. Filled with high levels of sci-fi action and excessive amounts of bone-chilling gore, this all-new series will surely thrill long-time fans and legions of new ones in equal measure.

Mars Attacks: Invasion is scheduled for release in October 2013.”

Make sure to check out the official Mars Attacks Facebook Page for more information on the current IDW comic book series and to get glimpses of the new cards like this one, “Gangster Squad!” by Earl Norem.
Mars Attacks Invasion - Gangster Squad - Topps - Earl Norem


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