Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents “Man From The South” (1985)

Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents “Man From The South” (1985)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
To all those who covet the feeling of being creeped out and having their skins crawl we bid you welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights. This week we have a request from fellow Retroist Writer Doug McCoy who also happens to know a thing or two about good Horror movies and TV series, if you happen to be a fan of the found footage style of films then you owe it to yourself to visit Doug’s Found Footage Films Podcast or download it on iTunes!

This week’s pick from Doug is from the 1985 NBC Alfred Hitchcock TV series entitled “Man From The South” which is itself a remake of the 1960 episode starring Steve McQueen that we featured a few months back. This remake was from the pilot episode of the New Alfred Hitchcock Presents weekly anthology program and stars legendary actor and film director John Huston (The Man Who Would Be King, The Hobbit), Melanie Griffith (Cherry 2000, Working Girl), Steven Bauer (Scarface, Raising Cain), Tippi Hedren (The Birds, Marnie), and Kim Novak (Vertigo, The Man With The Golden Arm).

Like in the original episode the story revolves around a young man that takes a “bar room proposition” that he can light his trusty lighter 10 times in a row, if he wins the wager then he gets the fancy sports car that Huston puts up…if the lighter fails…he loses a finger.

So come and join Doug and myself as we watch this rather gruesome sporting wager involving a “Man From the South” during Saturday Frights!
[Via] Mr. Jack Forrester (Isn’t that Jeff Bridges character from the Jagged Edge?)

As always I want to give a big thanks to the always impressive Sean Hartter for his wonderful header up top, make sure to follow his link to visit his personal blog to see even more artwork.


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  1. This one really traumatized me as a kid. The final shot – creepy! The original story was written by Roald Dahl, which makes it even creepier.

  2. I agree, Doug! Thanks again for suggesting it for this week’s offering. I also forgot to mention that this episode’s music was done by Basil Poledouris. Definitely a far cry from his Conan the Barbarian score and Starship Troopers themes!

  3. Nice find – and a very traumatizing ending as a kid. I actually read this one before seeing it on TV. Roald Dahl wrote a lot of amazing stories for adults, even though he’s best known for his children’s works.

  4. Traumatizing ending for an adult as well, Vinvectrex! Do you recall where you read the story…because for some reason I’m thinking that I may have seen it as well in an Alfred Hitchcock book of terror tales at my school library.

  5. I read it in an Alfred Hitchcock book in the middle school library after having seen the episode.

  6. This was the premiere story for a GREAT British anthology show called “Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected”. I think that is the superior version, but both are great. If ya’ll haven’t watched Tales, it’s a MUST watch. It ran for quite a while over there, and had a ton of big stars from both sides of the pond.

  7. I vaguely recall seeing an ad for the Tales of the Unexpected series, DB. Didn’t it air on Showtime back in the day?

  8. Just watched the original again.
    I can only imagine Hitchcock’s glee on this one.

    Even after all these years, works really well and is totally creepy.

    Proves a great story is timeless.

  9. I am watching it now on Antenna TV – I barely remember the original – not sure I can stand to watch it to be honest- thought I’d say hi here

  10. Welcome, Danielle!

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