Godzilla Game TV Commercial (1978)

Images courtesy of Board Game Geeks and G. Libby
Images courtesy of Board Game Geeks and G. Libby

I consider myself more than a passing fan of Godzilla but I have to admit I have no recollection of seeing this awesome looking game from back in 1978, thanks to the official YouTube channel of our friends over at Plaid Stallions.Com though we can now imagine how fun it would have been to play…or terrifying because some of those kids in the TV commercial look like they are getting stressed out.

[Via] Brick Mantooth

Godzilla Game B - Board Game Geeks - G. Libby

Thanks to Board Game Geeks and G. Libby for supplying the photos of the actual game and for also cluing us in as to how the game worked. Players would place their spaceships on the Space Platform, spin the Space Spinner and rotate the Space Platform…hoping that Godzilla wouldn’t appear and devour their spaceship. Last player with a spaceship left on the Platform won the game!

Any of our Retroist fans have any memories of playing this game?


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