Explorers “All Around The World” Music Video (1985)
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.Com

Explorers “All Around The World” Music Video (1985)

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.Com
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.Com

Director Joe Dante was in a pretty good spot in his career by 1985, the year before he had helmed the successful Gremlins, in 1983 he had directed a segment of the troubled Twilight Zone film, 1982 saw him directing episodes of the cult favorite Police Squad! and in 1981 he had delivered the fantastic modern day werewolf film The Howling.

Quite a bit has been said about the movie by Joe Dante himself including the nugget of information that the film was taken out of his hands. Paramount Studios decided to move the release date forward on the film and contacted the Director to let him know the film was done and would be released as is…which is why fans of the film and of course Joe Dante can’t help but shake their heads at the mess of the third act.

Explorers was released in my neck of the woods at around the same time the Junior High-School that I attended decided to hold a lip-sync talent competition. That year saw a ton of young ladies choosing Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?” as their song…so much so that the judges for the competition had to step in and choose who was going to lip-sync the song, the others had to pick another popular tune. There was only one person though that figured Robert Palmer’s “All Around The World” song was going to be the winning song for the show…which I totally didn’t win. It went to a group of girls singing “My Boyfriend’s Back”, but to be fair they had a killer stage set, they made the whole stage look like a bedroom in less than five minutes.

Looking at the music video for the movie I think you can understand why I thought this would be the perfect song to use for the competition. I totally want to get my hands on that ‘intergalactic’ microphone that Palmer and Wak use!

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Though not available at the moment I purchased the original soundtrack for Explorers including Robert Palmer’s foot-tapping song on iTunes.

A big thanks to IMP Awards as always for the awesome theatrical poster you see above.


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  1. Did not know that was Palmer. Even as a kid, I thought the third act was lacking, but considering the back story, I don’t think it’s too bad, and it actually has a ring of truth to it (parents understanding their kids, or not). Still, I’d love to see the original ending. This is one of my favorite movies, and probably the movie I’d actually live if I could (I think that bubble thing is so cool and has so much potential. In fact, my script Superhero is really based on what I’d do with that bubble.)

  2. I’d be willing to buy a special edition of Explorers with just storyboards and audio so that we could see Dante’s true ending, you know? I hope you’ll let me read that script when you are finished, Doug! :)

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