Disco Demolition Night


In the summer of 1979 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, DJ Steve Dahl ran an ill-fated anti-Disco event called Disco Demolition Night. The idea was simple, people bring Disco Records to the park for cheaper admission and then at some point in the night those records were placed on the field and exploded. On paper, in retrospect, that kind of seems like a horrible idea.

Something about people who hate disco, cheap tickets and I imagine alcohol made for a potent cocktail and things quickly got out of control as people rushed the field post-explosion. A lot of damage was done and the White Sox were forced to forfeit Game 2 of the doubleheader they were playing against the Tigers.


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2 thoughts on “Disco Demolition Night

  1. If you think that was anarchy, read up on Cleveland’s Ten Cent Beer Night in 1974. It ended in a full-on riot.

    After the Indians had managed to tie the game, a fan ran onto the field and attempted to steal Texas outfielder Jeff Burroughs’ cap.Confronting the fan, Burroughs tripped. Texas manager Billy Martin, thinking that Burroughs had been attacked, charged onto the field, his players right behind, some wielding bats. A large number of intoxicated fans—some armed with knives, chains, and portions of stadium seats that they had torn apart—surged onto the field, and others hurled bottles from the stands.

  2. brian says:

    Disco Demolition Night and Ten Cent Beer Night: brothers in arms (literally) in the world of baseball promotions.

    Ten cent beer night in Cleveland was the stuff legends are made of. “…and portions of stadium seats that they had torn apart…” sums it up quite nicely.

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