Early Computing on the Commodore VIC-20

I love this photo not just because it has a Commodore VIC-20 and an Atari in it, but because it captures how people used it (which says a lot about the person). I used a very similar chair for years as my official computing chair. I am sure it did nothing for my posture, but I loved sitting in a director’s style chair. Of course, mine didn’t say Miracle Whip, but I still think it was pretty cool. What other 80s magic can you spot in this photo?

[via] Michael Snipes


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13 thoughts on “Early Computing on the Commodore VIC-20

  1. Cool. I have some pictures of me back in 1983-1984 with my Commodore 64 using a lawn chair as my desk chair. Back then we didn’t worry about posture .

    As for other 80’s goodness and magic in the picture, I see rabbit ears for the TV.

  2. plcary says:

    The tv has the rotary analog dials. I can hear it now … Choonk, choonk, choonk! I do not see the Atari either?

  3. “clearly”? I see a black object, maybe some brown. Retroist, you must have some high tech monitor! This HP monitor I have here ain’t allowing me to see an Atari “clearly”.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great retro pic!
    Yeah, though it’s kinda hidden on the side (yeah, the C64 has the power to overwhelm a VCS owner’s heart) the Atari 2600 shines with its woodgrained peekaboo.

    I had me a similar setup – complete with director’s chair!
    It was actually more comfortable than most of the wooden kitchen chairs I had to use to be face-to-face with a computer-TV kit on a table.

  5. I used mine in a similar configuration… on a card table, sitting in a spare chair, connected to a small color TV (did yours have that awful RF visual noise on the screen?).

    To this day, both my VIC-20 and the TV (a 1970 Sony Trinitron) still work!

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