Slim Whitman TV Album Commercial (1980)


I recently got TV service back for the first time in almost ten years. (Mrs. Carlos became a huge NHL hockey fan), and I’m amazed at how much it’s changed even in that relatively short time. Those once-ubiquitous ads for CD compilation albums, for one, seem to have disappeared entirely.

Of course, those were never any fun. I much prefer the “TV album” ads of my youth, where a very sincere-sounding narrator would pitch you an awesome musical experience NOT available in ANY store. (This bit was always super important to impart on the consumer.)

Today’s Slim Whitman commercial is a home run of the genre. It has it all: Music that you can’t imagine appealing to anyone in any universe? Got it. Awesome clothes? Yup. Looks like it was filmed in the back of a Baptist church with props left over from the youth play? Mmm hmm. Slim gets extra points for offering his dulcet tones on vinyl, cassette AND eight-track.

(A slightly younger crowd might remember that Slim’s yodeling was the secret weapon that saved humanity from annihilation in Mars Attacks!)

What was everyone else’s favorite “TV album?”


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7 thoughts on “Slim Whitman TV Album Commercial (1980)

  1. Badwolf says:

    I have his album with “Una Paloma Blanca” – and I guarantee you I didn’t order it from TV. I have a bunch of K-Tel stuff, which, while not technically a TV-album, WAS sold in stores but was flogged heavily on the local TV channels.

  2. earblast says:

    Who could forget Zamfir. I used to love those old record commercials for people you never heard of.

  3. As a kid, I use to play a game with these commercials. I’d try to spot the name of the song the singer was singing before it went off screen. One of the song’s name in this commercial goes off screen before you here him say it’s name.

    My favorite “TV Album” commercial was Freedom Rock. Those two hippies were funny.

    One of the actors responded in the YouTube comments.

    “Michael Beard is the main hippie now living in? kobe japan and working as a singer, actor, teacher……and I am having a blast. We did this in pikes peak national forest. One fun day of shooting”

  4. @Payton, I did the same thing. Often, these commercials were my only exposure to these older songs. Even today, I will hear a song I think I’ve never heard, only to eventually get to the two-second hook I recognize.

  5. Badwolf says:

    There was a collection of golden oldies which was NOT SOLD IN STORES when I was young. We used to make fun of the commercial – it was a collection of 72 of the “best early rock & roll hits” and one of the scenes in the commercial had the woman sitting on the hood of an old car, and she simply says, “72! Dig It, baby!” We got more laugh mileage out of that commercial phrase until “Where’s The Beef?” came along about a decade or so later.

  6. Tom says:

    I remember that commercial as well.. The chick was chomping on gum.. and it was her only line in the whole commercial.. It was some greaser guy talking about the old hits..

    I wonder if that exists anywhere…

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