Slim Whitman TV Album Commercial (1980)


I recently got TV service back for the first time in almost ten years. (Mrs. Carlos became a huge NHL hockey fan), and I’m amazed at how much it’s changed even in that relatively short time. Those once-ubiquitous ads for CD compilation albums, for one, seem to have disappeared entirely.

Of course, those were never any fun. I much prefer the “TV album” ads of my youth, where a very sincere-sounding narrator would pitch you an awesome musical experience NOT available in ANY store. (This bit was always super important to impart on the consumer.)

Today’s Slim Whitman commercial is a home run of the genre. It has it all: Music that you can’t imagine appealing to anyone in any universe? Got it. Awesome clothes? Yup. Looks like it was filmed in the back of a Baptist church with props left over from the youth play? Mmm hmm. Slim gets extra points for offering his dulcet tones on vinyl, cassette AND eight-track.

(A slightly younger crowd might remember that Slim’s yodeling was the secret weapon that saved humanity from annihilation in Mars Attacks!)

What was everyone else’s favorite “TV album?”


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