Remember the TV Miniseries “Fresno”?


In the 1980s prime time soap operas were at their apex. Popular shows like Dallas and Dynasty were heating up the airwaves and making headlines so naturally they would be the target of parody. One such big budget parody was the 1986 television comedy miniseries, “Fresno”. It was a star-studded affair with people like; Carol Burnett, Charles Grodin, and Dabney Coleman, playing a family running a declining raisin empire. The series had some laughs, but I don’t remember it being as funny as I had hoped. According to online source, the series would be run again in 1989 (I passed on it that year I guess), but they would add a laugh track to assist in convincing the audience that it was funny.

Goldstandard1427, was nice enough to post the entire series online. Below you will find Part 1. This version thankfully does not have the laugh track.


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